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Ladybird fly to the Land of Makebelieve by Claus Brusen.

Get your own limited edition of this fine art print in 20 * 15 cm for just

70 € including shipping!!!!

Nightwatcher by Claus Brusen.

Get your own limited edition of this fine art print in 35 * 30 cm for just

90 € including shipping!!!!

For just 10 € + shipping you can now buy the book about Claus Brusens world Nactalius

The Fantastic World of Claus Brusen:

Published 2006


Nactalius is the name of a wondrous fairy tale world created by painter Claus Brusen.The artist is a profoundly original painter that through his pictures leads us into a universe of apparent innocence. But there is more going on than meets the eye. To enter Nactalius is like buying a ticket to an enigmatic world harboring its own distinctive dramas.


The book about Claus Brusen and his fantastic world is written by Ole Lindboe, editor of Magasinet Kunst (The Art Magazine) and author of a long series of art books



Languages : English and Danish

Hardcover: 120 pages

Product Dimensions: 245 * 245 mm

ISBN: 978-87-990636-1-1


The Art of José Roosevelt

Now available for just 30 € + shipping.


Published 2010


Reflecting on the renowed Brazilian painter's oeuvre, this volume highlights the paintings and illustrations of Jos'e Roosevelt. The subject's accomplishement as a magic realist and surrealist are highlighted through a variety of images, inspired by a diverse array of sources. From Franz Kafka, Vokswagens and the Greek Goods to Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer, French artist Edouard Manet, Picasso and the timeless character of Don Quixote, this collection spans a facinating artixtic career of 30 years.


Language: English and French

Hardcover: 204 pages

Product Dimensions: 295 * 295 mm

ISBN: 978-87-992147-9-2